What we do

Issuance and Management of Community Service Orders

Under this Key Result Area, the Directorate is responsible for ensuring that Community Service orders are issued by all courts across the country through conducting a number of activities which include the following; Sensitisation of offenders and identify eligible ones for Community service Order, Preparing Social Inquiry Reports, Supervising offenders serving Community Service orders and give feedback to sentencing Courts. The Social inquiry reports are put in the file of offender before it is forwarded to the State Prosecutor for sanctioning. 

Capacity Building

Increasing stakeholder capacity and general awareness about community service remains fundamental in implementation 

The activities carried out in the reporting period under capacity building include staff training, training of peer support persons, sensitization of Judicial Officers, Offered Line Support to Police/Prison Warder/Court Clerks, Supervisors and Volunteers , sensitization of inmates both in prisons and police stations.


Social Reintergration

The reintegration and rehabilitation aspect continued to take a central role in offender management with focus on offender skilling, counseling, home visits, reconciliatory meetings, victim support and greater involvement of ex-offenders through peer support.

Counseling precedes offender placement and continues throughout and after the sentence. It is offered by the Community Service Staff, Volunteers and Peer