Department of Compliance Monitoring

The department plays a pivotal role in planning for the Directorate, compiling progress reports, ensuring compliance with the legislative frame and managing the Directorate database.

Focus is on adherence to the law and standards.
The Directorate of Community Service is at  two levels;

The law (Act and Regulations)

  • Order Issuance
  • Order Supervision
  • District Community Service Committee Operations

Government of Uganda/DCS SOPS/Official Systems and practices (Operations)

  • Social Reintegration practices and standards (identification and establishment of rehabilitative projects, promote community involvement,
  • Involve local structures,
  • Reduce rate of recidivism,
  • Promote reconciliation or community meetings,
  • Home visits,
  • Counselling of offenders,
  • Offering victim psychosocial support,
  • Identification of peer support persons,
  • Making referrals.

Data management practices

  • Use of community service checklist and guidelines (process tools)
  • Generate disaggregated data to initiate subsequent evidence based   rehabilitation programs to update the Directorate ‘s database.
  • Record keeping                                   

Directorate of Community Service Reporting

  • Timely collection and sharing of information
  • Have systems in place to collect, enable flow between office levels and stakeholders (Compliance check list) Accuracy of information/reports
  • Best practices & lessons learned
  • Taking action
  • Continuous reviews (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual & Annual)
  • Measuring performance using Indicators at various levels

Monitoring is provided by the scope of work and responsibilities of the Directorate or in case of development partners agreements. Monitoring takes place on a regular basis to check the delivery of outputs according to plan and is in accordance with the expected objectives as well as financial and human resources. The monitoring helps the Directorate or other Community Service implementers in the delivery of specific outputs

  1. The outputs achieved out of the monitoring is;
    Shared with stakeholders, through processes such performance related meetings or reports.
  2. Provides input into the Directorate periodic plans/reports.
  3. Feeds into discussion at the various management levels with the ministry and sector, possibly leading to possible revision/fine-tuning of the processes, operational and policy matters.
  4. Better inform and sharpen Directorates operational functions on programme management through lessons learned, challenges and good practices across the country.
  5. Informs the Directorate management on technical matters relating to progress and challenges. This assists the Task Force in being up-to date on fund operations and being better informed to make technical appraisals.
  6. Provide updates to the general public and key stakeholders.

The Compliance Monitoring team conducts preliminary data checks to ensure completeness of data reported and provide a summary of data expected, data reported and the missing data per district/region by indicator

The Compliance Monitoring team on a monthly basis collects reports from the regions and come up with a Directorate monthly, quarterly and semi-annual highlights reports. At the end of every year, the Directorate produces a comprehensive Annual report. Both the semi-annual and annual reports are presented to the Directorate of Community Service management team and National Community Service Committee for approval before they can be disseminated to their respective audiences.

Legislative Framework


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