Our Mandate, Vision and Mission

Our Mandate

The Directorate of Community Service is mandated with the overall implementation of Community Service Orders in Uganda under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (CS Act 2000 , CAP 115). Community Service is a non-custodial punishment by which after conviction, the court with the consent of the offender makes an order for the offender to serve the community rather than undergo imprisonment. Community Service is one of the key reforms in the criminal justice administration system meant to enhance community involvement in the administration of justice. Community Service is statutorily under section 10 of the Community Service Act 2000 charged with the following functions.

Our Vision

A leading institution with the best innovative approaches in rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders by 2040

Our Mission

To promote Community Service Orders as a non-custodial sentencing option in Uganda.

Legislative Framework


Directorate of Community Service
Plot 75, Jinja Road. 
P.O.Box 7191 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (+246) 414 231 908
Email: info@dcs.mia.go.ug