August 19, 2017 - In Reports

Community Service Programme is an investment for the country which contributes to economic development and saves the tax payers’ money. The Programme plays a significant role in prison decongestion, fosters rehabilitation of offenders, social cohesion and also focuses on victim justice where the victim directly or indirectly benefits from the work performed by offenders.

The report outlines the achievements, gaps/challenges and recommendations that are significant in improving the Community Service Programme’s performance. The report recognizes all JLOS stakeholders’ contribution and support to the programme. We have taken every opportunity to
encourage all stakeholders to live up to the commitment since inception of the community service programme in this country..

Elevation of the Department of Community Service to a Directorate is a fundamental achievement and this will propel the implementation of Community Service in this country to greater heights. We are now embarking on an intense programme of mobilizing re-commitment to step-up transformative action to the Directorate. In everything we do, we recognize that success is partly founded on partnerships. A growing share of our strategic partnerships are now starting to take root in the Directorate as we work together on fostering rehabilitation of offenders and calling on them to take responsibility and be accountable for change.



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