April 18, 2022 - In Acts

The Directorate of Community Service is under Ministry of Internal Affairs. We coordinate the implementation of Community Service Orders. We derive our mandate from the Community Service Act 2000 and the Community Service Regulations 2001 (Statutory Instrument No. 55, 2001)

1. Commencement.

This Act shall come into force on such date as the Minister may, by statutory instrument appoint.


2. Interpretation.

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

  1.  “community service” means noncustodial punishment by which after conviction the court, with the consent of the offender, makes an order for the offender to serve the community rather than undergo imprisonment;
  2. “community service order” means an order made under this Act requiring an offender to perform work within the community for a specified period of time;
  3. “community service period” means the period for which an offender is to perform work under the community service order;
  4. “court” means the High Court or a subordinate court;
  5. “currency point” has the meaning assigned to it in the Schedule to this Act;
  6. “Minister” means the Minister responsible for internal affairs; “minor offence” means an offence for which the court may pass a sentence of not more than two years imprisonment;
  7. “national committee” means the national committee on community service established by section 10;
  8. “offender” means a person who has been ordered to undergo community service;
  9. “original court” means the court which tried the offence in relation to which the community service order was made;



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